Clash Royale, the new game from the creators of Clash of Clans is available on Android

clash royale tips and tricks

Clash Royale  is now available on Android as well as iOS. The new game from the creators of Clash of Clans is an excellent strategy game in real time mixing and collectible card game. It’s a nice surprise that Supercell has reserved for us. While Clash Royal was announced for a vague “March 2016” , the game was released today, at the beginning of the month. A simultaneous release on Android and iOS.

This time, we can not accuse Supercell not to have innovated. Royal Clash has indeed nothing to do with Clash of Clans. Rather, it is a strategy game in real time between two players. The goal is to come after the castle of the opponent, which is always at the top of the card. To do this, it is necessary to deploy units in diverse and varied skills.

The real-time strategy …

The deployment of these units in real time and request the “elixir”, represented in the game as a separate gauge in 10 clicks that automatically fills with time. More unity (or fate) is powerful, she asks elixir. The player to make strategic choices: is it better to deploy many small rapids and small units or deploy its forces to save some burly giants can destroy a tower in a few shots? The principle is simple to understand, enjoyable to learn, but difficult to master.


… And the collectionnite

Added to this is a “collectionnite” component. The units are deployed on the ground to acquire the form of maps, found in chests, earned reward for his victories. These maps of units and spells are more or less rare (as in Hearthstone, there are community cards, rare or epic) and can be improved over time. One aspect of the very interesting game that makes the player return more often to discover new cards.

A smooth launch

Royal Clash is free to download, but contains many naturally in app purchases.However, the first player returns all extremely positive. If the game grows more easily purchase to put their hands on chests and thus new units, it is quite possible to get by without paying. A clan system is also present to help players win more quickly resources without having to get out the credit card.

The launch of the game also seems successful. Not only the servers seem to absorb the arrival of many players without too many problems, but the game runs well on small smartphones. On my OnePlus One , for example, Royal Clash like a charm.After more than two months of beta, it would be remarkable. If you are fans of Clash of Clans or Hearthstone and are looking for a good multiplayer mobile game (Internet connection is required), we can only advise you to try the new title of Supercell.

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Sim City: Top 10 Tips


We’ll tell you the best tips for “SimCity”: In the strategy game you build on a limited area for your dream city. but to be mayor is more work than you might think – satisfy all Sims and simultaneously have a positive balance, can be a major challenge.

10. Reduce traffic in SimCity

In order to keep the traffic at all times as low as possible, you should build roads with the highest possible density. Once built roads you can upgrade also afterwards in major roads.

  • At the main traffic roads you should build as few intersections as possible. This can be reached by bridges and tunnels! Therefore press while dragging a road that [M] or [N] button to lower or raise the road.
  • Instead of just a corner you should build curves. This will save you a traffic light that stays the traffic unnecessarily.
  • Try to build only T-intersections. To ensure that traffic runs faster.
  • Important for lower traffic are also public transportation. If traffic gets too great, build bus stops and trams.

9. Tip: take loans from banks

Loans can be in SimCity get with especially favorable interest rates.

  • At the beginning you can take 25,000 Simoleons credit.Then they have to pay back straight times 27,880. Having placed the town hall, you can take 50,000 simoleon loans.The loans are repaid automatically in installments.
  • Remove as soon as possible a finance department at your town hall. This allows you to not only selectively increase and reduce taxes, you also get a credit volume of 100,000 Simoleons per credit slot.
  • You can always take up to three loans. Always leave a credit slot free to respond quickly during disasters may or reallocate loans.
  • If they have enough money together, they can of course repay the loans even at a stroke – that goes well with borrowed money. Take out a loan to repay two others, you can quickly make a credit slot free.
  • Use Simcity buildit cheats to get free simoleons, simcash and keys for free.

8. Integrated use data cards in SimCity

Using data cards SimCity you have a good overview of the basic characteristics of your card, the status of your city and its inhabitants.

  • Here you can see, for example, in which direction the wind is blowing. Then you should pay attention to the industrial area to place so that the exhaust gases of factories will not be blown directly into the residential area.
  • On the data card, they can also see the natural resources there. They can be sent to place water towers, drill for oil or extract coal.
  • You’ll also find information on your citizens, the population density or the connection to public transportation, such as bus or tram. Especially the satisfaction bar you should check again.
  • The data cards can be found at running game in the bottom right corner. Then a plurality of symbols, each of which represents a data card appear.

7. High density and high land value for better revenue

You should make sure that even later in the game a medium comprising a majority of your city to high building density.

  • With a high building density form skyscrapers, where to stay more Sims. It helps maximize your tax revenue and your city evolves rapidly.
  • You should also take care of high land prices in order to attract workers for the higher income bracket.
  • Buildings that are close to special places such as schools and the town hall, are automatically valuable. Moreover parks increase land value for all residential buildings in the radius. Overlapping radii add up and are therefore particularly valuable.
  • If you just create a park in every block, you can with a small budget to attract wealthier Sims already in the first minutes of the game. Make sure, however, that also find enough work!

6. Early ensure educated SimCity residents

You should ensure at an early stage of your city for adequate education, as this can relieve many other areas.

  • If Sims are formed at least in a primary school, you know you should not play with fire, that you may not be a criminal and how to separate garbage.
  • Without education decreases your income and simultaneously drive many thieves your mischief. The fire department can get big problems when many houses burn simultaneously.
  • After you have built two schools during the game, you can also build a university. This your city of Technology booth rises significantly and you can operate particular research.
  • The better your Sims are formed, the better the industrial building: they produce less pollution and increasing returns in your budget.

5. combat crime early

Once crime germinates, you should build a police station.

  • If you do not fight crime, pull the thieves more residents to “the dark side”. The number of criminals is rising so rapidly.
  • The more crime there is, the harder it is to push back the crime because the crime then lurks around every corner.You need to set in the case as many police officers to patrol.
  • If you are not careful, the crime goes even beyond the city limits. If it is in the region only a single city without police that can spell doom for all cities in the region.
  • If you build a gambling city, the police is especially important, because casinos are real crime magnet. The best way to build then a police station located in the center of your casino district. Then, the station additionally also a deterrent to the crooks.

4. Specialize Your cities in SimCity

In specialization menu you can select different specializations your city.

  • You can pump oil, extract coal or ore, build a trading center or a gambling town or make your city a tourist trap. The decision is the chosen card is of great importance (for example, a large oil deposits).
  • Then you have to build the right priorities. For example, a good infrastructure is particularly important in a tourist town.
  • Plan right from the start as the city should be structured and what specialization you choose.The residential area should not be on the single oil source later.
  • Mining and bring a lot of jobs – your industry, you do not greatly expand so in these specializations.

3. From the beginning distribute sent to areas

The distribution of residential, commercial and industrial areas can be crucial for the success of your city.

  • You should take care to build residential areas not directly adjacent to industrial areas – Or complain the residents about the noise, the high air and soil pollution and are rapidly ill.
  • As the buffer between residential and industrial areas, commercial areas are perfect. At the same time the commercial areas thus profit both short distances to the production plants, as well as to the buying public.
  • In addition, you need to consider at the beginning directly the wind direction. You should not build areas as possible so that the exhaust gases of the industry be blown directly into the residential areas.
  • nevertheless Eat a good and quick transport connections between residential areas and workplaces, otherwise leave jams not long in coming.

2. eliminate soil pollution This trick

Too much soil pollution can cause real problems: Residents complain about the dirt and soil pollution and may get into the drinking water.

  • If once is dirt in the water, the residents are also rapidly ill and the waiting rooms of the hospitals are crowded quickly.This results in a high level of dissatisfaction.
  • Soil pollution should therefore be fought best. If the soil is polluted nearby water pumps, you should only use the expensive but effective filter pump.
  • Existing ground dirt, wipe with trees or parks that you put directly on the soiled areas. That takes a long time, but also brings also groundwater.

1. Play SimCity with your friends!

The most fun is the game if you play with friends together in one region.

  • Especially exciting to observe the growth of the city is a friend. Here also the best ideas on how to relocate sent roads come.
  • In addition, which also offers a number of advantages in the game. When the power is running out, you can buy your friends who have excess power.
  • However, you should only play with friends that you trust. For example, if a friend is building a nuclear power plant and then take care not good, it can quickly lead to a meltdown.Thereafter, the entire region is contaminated.
  • Also high crime and pollution can mean a huge problem for the whole region.

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How To Win Clash of Clans : Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Clash of Clans is the popular “freemium” game of armies invaded, buildings and various other war activities.dominated since its release in 2012 Clash of Clans both Google Play and the App Store, consistently hang around in the first three in the gaming category.

And the reason for the success? Simple: it’s addictive as hell. They play a bit and then you want to play a little more, and then before you know it, has gone to a month and you’re emotionally attached to your communities. Do not worry, it happens to the best of us …

In case you do not know how much of a big deal Clash of Clans are here, is a set of facts, courtesy of playgrounds, details how big a deal really is the game

  • Harken Supercell in more than 5,000,000 $ per day of Clash of Clans
  • Supercell recently at $ 5500000000 after an estimated investment of Softbank
  • George Yao, a top player, six months Clash of Clans spent five iPads play -. all at the same time! He would even take his iPads into the shower with him.
  • Panda, one of the top 10 CoC players, Wired says that he spends a month nearly $ 7000 of his fight Clan village. That seven large share of only seven percent of its revenue.
  • In the last Super Bowl, Clash of Clans a commercial starring Liam Neeson debuted his character from parodying “Taken”. It was the most viewed Super Bowl ad in 2015 and was selected by YouTube users as the second best indicator of the Big Game.
  • After Wired, Clash of Clans and other mobile games attribute nearly 50 percent of their revenue only the top 10 percent of players. Oh, that is, how to remain free to play games.
  • After Re / Code to bring along with millions of dollars per day, there are more than 29.5 million active users in the game. They are out of the loop if you do not play this game

The game itself is fairly simple, standard for this type of game -. They provide a basis and to add things to your base, as barracks, military camps, Goldmines, walls, mortars, cannons and other buildings. To progress in the game you need to improve the level of individual buildings and upgrade your army, so you have to defend your base and attack slightly different bases.

The prey

If you defeat other players, collect resources, that allow you to update things – your barracks, for example.Wins hook and trophies, and the number of trophies one determines what level league you’re in.

Clan Wars is one of the best features is, you can join a clan and support each other with reinforcements and fight with other clans for resources. But early on, you do not really have the troop strength or the power to participate properly so that in the first parts of the game your main focus should be given to the latest everything. But be careful, the modernization needs time

In the game there are various means that are necessary for you to play and progress.

  • Gems: (cost to buy real money) very valuable and can be used to speed up waiting times at buildings and units, buy more builders and boost resources
  • Gold. is mainly update your important buildings as you Rathaus. It also costs you to raid resources Gold in finding other players.
  • Elixir. Main resource for training and your troops upgrade magic
  • Dark Elixir: Used to train and update DE troops that will be released later in the game.

Newbies, listen!

There are a few things you should know if you are new to clash of clans. The first of these is that you should not waste your precious stones never, because they are expensive to buy and very difficult to accumulate. My advice to you as a player himself to have already made the mistake is to store them and spend wisely.

The point is, if you really want to play this game, without having to pay (and it can cost a lot of money!), You need to save the gems you earn leveling and clearing land for long-term products. It is very easy to give in and spend it on your production speed, but they would be better spent on more durable products.

In the battle of the clans, patience is definitely a virtue

Patience is an important aspect in this game is because it takes a long time for certain upgrades (some may take more than 10 days!). I would recommend this to play with a number of other games in conjunction, so waiting for troops and upgrades is less painful.

Concentrate on getting more builders. This costs a lot of gems, so you want to focus on getting all five at once, although this will take time. More Bauer means you can upgrade your buildings faster and thus grow your clan and move faster.

Setting up a solid foundation

clash of clans tips and tricks

There are several basic setups, but the best way that I have found, is a look at some best practices to assume that you can easily find on Clash of Clans dedicated YouTube channels. You can advice on the best layout win for what you are trying to achieve and in this way you can test the work for you.

Get More Gold and Elixir

the only way to progress in the game is to get more and more resources and modernization. You can get resources (gold and elixir) in a couple of ways – you can of collector building condition; You can another player Available mug with your troops and receive their trophies and resources. In addition, you can get card gold and elixir of the single player leprechaun. You can use clash of clans gems hack to get free Gems, Gold and Elixirs.

Raiding the battles of the clans: dos and donts

It may take a while to find desirable bases to attack. If this is the case, lower trophies and league so that you get a better choice, and if you are very low already, you will only need to persist and the right base will come! You can at any time an active war communities join to produce some more resources (but participates, can be very expensive, especially if you lose). When the war which both winners and losers war resource bonus is received, but of course the winning team takes home the majority of wealth.

Walk before you run

During the game it is always tempting your town hall to level up and become higher premium troops faster.This is a mistake and will cost you dearly in the long run costs, as the more you get the City Hall level up, the less you loot from the lower bases. As things become more and more expensive, it is very difficult enough to obtain elixir and gold from raiding. It is advisable to max everything you have for your Town Hall level available and then upgrade.

When you start, pick a strategy of offense or defense. Become defense then troops to focus on grouping reversed or? Both have their advantages, but if you want to keep the resources you collect carefully is your base ensures good protection is a must. But at the same time by the majority of prey is another player over fall (this is also more fun!), And to do this and you decent level troops need, so it is a difficult decision.Personally, I found that troops pushing upgrades and modernization building and resource works best later.

There are many different types raiding for various purposes. the best way to learn how to design your base as you are to attack YouTube channels and watch how other attack in the game. You have to experiment with troop types and numbers. For example, if the resources in agriculture (collision talk about fall for just for gold, DE & amp; elixir and not worry about trophies and leagues), the best approach is to build your cheapest and quickest units as barbarians and archers (ie “Barching”).

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